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Central tendency, spread, normal distribution, regression analysis, statistics tell stories and it’s important that students learn not only to interpret those stories, but to generate their own meaning from data.  There are lots of online resources that can help with both the procedural skills and conceptual understandings required in basic statistics.

Popular Downloads

1.algebra-sheet  2.stat-formulas  3.stat-techniques

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Online Video on Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics

Statistics 101


Online Tools

1. Statistical distributions and interpreting P values

2. Analyze continuous data

3. Analyze categorical data


Free Statistics Calculators

Free Textbooks, Articles and Notes

1. Open Intro Statistics 3e. os3 os3_tablet

2. Seven Deadly Statistical Sins Even the Experts Make sins

Statistical Software R/SAS/SPSS/STATA


R: R is a very versatile and powerful free software environment for statistical computing and data analysis – it has very valuable data visualization tools as well. It works on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS and though it is mainly driven by coding, yet menu driven options such as R commander are readily available for those starting of. The official website for R  [ More to follow…. ]


SPSS:    Here are some popular tutorial links for SPSS:

Lynda’s SPSS
Datastep Training
SPSS Videos
Open EDu

Practice is critical, the more time you spend on SPSS software, the easier (relatively) it gets!

General Notes on Statistics:


Free Textbooks

If you’re unhappy with the information provided by your statistics textbook, check out StatSoft, or OnlineStatBook,, for free online statistics textbooks.

The video below provides insights into managing data from an introductory statistics perspective: