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Welcome to the QR fellows webpage.

The QR fellows are here to support students and faculty whose course work has a quantitative reasoning component. On our website you can find out about the services we provide, learn about the QR fellows, and also find online resources for specific topics in statistics and mathematics.

One of the many benefits to using the CUNY SPS QR Fellows is that it enables the tutors to track the progress of a student and work as a team. It also allows for outreach and interaction between the tutor and the professor, enabling us to help students in ways that best benefit the teaching objectives of the course.

The fellows are qualified to help students in all courses related to statistics, accounting, finance, economics, and basic maths like algebra, geometry, and more. We also offer consultations for students conducting and writing research in math-based fields as well as tutoring help with software like Microsoft Excel, RStudio, Tableau, and Access.