About the QR Fellows

Quantitative Reasoning (QR) is the application of mathematical thought and knowledge to authentic, everyday issues; sometimes called quantitative literacy, QR is demonstrated by the inclination and ability to make reasoned decisions using fundamental mathematics. CUNY, as part its educational initiatives in the quantitative domain, has created a Quantitative Reasoning Fellowship. This QR Fellowship is awarded to a select group of doctoral candidates with strong quantitative expertise. The central responsibility of QR Fellows is to support efforts to strengthen mathematical and quantitative reasoning education at the colleges by developing resources and supporting faculty initiatives.  QR Fellows at SPS serve as tutors to help support students in courses with a quantitative component, like those involving math and statistics. 

QR Fellows are appointed on an annual basis and bring various skills to the SPS QR initiative. 

2017-18 QR Fellows

Ayse Sera Diebel, PhD candidate in Economics at CUNY Graduate Center.                                                 

Biwei Chen is a PhD candidate in Economics and Finance at CUNY Graduate Center. In his research, he applies advanced econometric and statistical tools to disentangle complex phenomena observed in financial markets and macroeconomy. He has taught major economics and finance courses at CUNY colleges, Yeshiva University and Columbia University. Throughout his teaching, quantitative reasoning methods play the pivotal role in enhancing students’ learning experience and computer skills. He has the ability to explain mathematics intuitively and graphically, helping students connect the dots and master the issues better. Biwei is available on email throughout the M-F week but has office hours at 119 W. 31st St. suite 406. On in-office days, he can be reached by phone at 646-664-8637.

You can reach the QR Fellows during Fall and Spring semesters through: Contact