About the QR Fellows

Quantitative Reasoning (QR) is the application of mathematical thought and knowledge to authentic, everyday issues; sometimes called quantitative literacy, QR is demonstrated by the inclination and ability to make reasoned decisions using fundamental mathematics. CUNY, as part its educational initiatives in the quantitative domain, has created a Quantitative Reasoning Fellowship. This QR Fellowship is awarded to a select group of doctoral candidates with strong quantitative expertise. The central responsibility of QR Fellows is to support efforts to strengthen mathematical and quantitative reasoning education at the colleges by developing resources and supporting faculty initiatives.  QR Fellows at SPS serve as tutors to help support students in courses with a quantitative component, like those involving math and statistics.

QR Fellows are appointed on an annual basis and bring various skills to the SPS QR initiative. They provide support to students at SPS in a wide range of mathematical concepts. Their mission is to help students think through and analyze math from a new perspective in both their coursework and daily lives.

Scheduling a QR Appointment

In order to schedule an appointment with one of our QR fellows, log onto WC Online and select any of the available time slots that fir your schedule. Once you select a meeting time, the scheduling interface will ask for some relevant information about you, the class and material you need help with, and what kind of appointment you would like to make.

There are two kinds of appointments available to students: Remote meetings, and asynchronous written feedback.

Remote appointments are scheduled through the WC Online interface, but the fellow with whom you have made an appointment will send you a Zoom link for the meeting. Students may also choose to simply upload a previously completed homework assignment and get feedback from a tutor.

Meet Your QR Fellows 

Shakima Williams-Jones works with Your Part Time Controller, an accounting and business management firm with clients in the non-profit world. Ms. Williams-Jones currently sits on the board of Uncommon Schools NYC, a charter management organization that operates charter schools in NYC from grades K  – 12. Ms. Williams-Jones holds a B.A. in Accounting from Baruch College, an M.S. in Business Management & Leadership from the CUNY School of Professional Studies and is the proud parent of a five.

As a graduate of SPS, Shakima is equipped to help students with all of their business-related coursework from accounting to finance and more.

Sim Nolas has a background in both mathematics and mathematics education, including programming and statistics. They have supported learners at many levels: taught Calculus 1 at Syracuse University, tutored high school math and SAT topics at C2 Education, and worked at an OLLI program for retired and elderly learners at Stony Brook University. They have two M.S. degrees (in Applied and Pure Mathematics), and currently enjoy working with excel and database software, and constantly learning new things.


Of course, students have a wide and ever-growing set of needs, sometimes beyond the scope and experience of our QR Fellows. To help fill this gap, SPS provides all students with access to Tutor.com, an online tutoring platform connecting students to remote tutors in 40 different subjects on-demand, 24/7.

Students can access Tutor.com through their course’s Blackboard site on the navigation menu on the left-hand side.